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Interview Tips


An interview in most simple language is a conversation between two or more people. One side is the interview (one who is appearing for an interview) & the other side is the interview (one who is taking the interview). Whatever may be the four of Interview whether telephone, or face to face what needs to be taken care of is the confidence which is projected while ensuring question. Also the substance that is used to present oneself, the manner/style of response plays a vital role during interview. No eye contact, taking phone calls during interview, answering questions in a demeaning or non interested style, becoming hostile every now & then all work negative towards a good interview.

For the interviewer the tips that should be taken into consideration are asking questions to see if the candidate can handle stress. Questions should be asked to see if the interviewer can handle multiple projects, conflicts, stress situations, & the skills for creativity. For the success & best results of the interview pre – preparation of appropriate question & answered, with enough time. For decisions taking or the key elements.
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